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Ready to be your own boss?

MamaBrows Training

MamaBrows teaches regular group classes all over Canada. We make sure you receive the training you need to start your business as a certified Eyebrow Artist.

MamaBrows Training Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Become The Best Eyebrow Technician, Increase Your Income, Be Independent, and Build Your Own Business

Canada is very young when it comes to Semi Permanent Makeup Techniques.


This is why I, MamaBrows Founder and Owner, Aracy Di Marco, took it upon myself to learn all the best techniques around the world and bring them to my students to give them the winning edge and quality advantage at an affordable cost.

Learn the #1 Microblading Technique in Europe and the leading Ombre Technique worldwide!

When joining one of the MamaBrows courses you will do not just a complete training package: You will receive personal mentoring not only the technical skills,  but also on how to set up and grow a successful business and become a TRUE girl-boss!

Wether you are a permanent makeup artist trying to add services to your portfolio or a newbie that wants to change careers.


MamaBrows training will help and train you to become the most succesful brow technician you can be.

Income Opportunity

The average microblading procedure costs between $300 and $800 (CAD) and takes an average of 2 hours to complete.


YES! $400 (CAD) per hour really is possible as an eyebrow Technician.


 This makes Microblading the highest paid job in Permanent Makeup industry. 

Income Potential as a Part Time Venture

Only as a "weekend" Technician you can potentially treat 2 clients a day, so 4 clients per weekend (16 a month).

That’s $4,800 - $12,800 (CAD) in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools
(16 x $25)


Leaving profits of $4,400 - $12,400 per month before overheads and taxes

Only working TWO days per week!


Learn standard consultation procedure. Consent form variations, legislation, and sanitation requirements


Learn the signature MamaBrows shaping technique. Tips, tricks and how to work with your client.


Learn the MamaBrows tecniques for the ultimate brow, how to create the ideal results, do's and dont's during procedure and more.

Social media marketing

Learn how to document your work beautifully, create engaging content and use social media to be found by potential clients.

I had been following MamaBrows work for a while because I loved her work, I decided to take both Microblading and Ombre Training with her.


She is the best trainer I have had the pleasure to meet! Such a kind person too. I recommend her training to anyone wanting to learn microblading or ombre!

Angie, Class Student

What you will learn:

  •  Consent forms and liability release and  documents your clients need to sign

  •  Undertake client consultations

  •  Understanding how to use techniques to   meet client expectations and needs

  •  Complete treatments observing health and   safety at all times

  •  Prepare treatment rooms correctly

  •  Set up equipment correctly

  •  Combination brow technique combined with microstrokes (Combination class only)

  • Learn different hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends (Microblading Only)

  • ​Draw perfect eyebrows shape according to the customer’s features and desires

  •  Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.

  •  Learn how to prevent infections

  •  Complete all the necessary documentation   for treatments

  •  Manage clients throughout treatments

  •  Practice on paper and latex

  •  Practice on live model with MamaBrows (Microblading Class Only)

  •  Discuss short- and long-term aftercare with clients


Receive a wireless MamaBrows Machine with a set of cartridges. As well as an in-class shading basic training for creating combination eyebrows and adding density to microblading.

"Aracy genuinely cares about her students understanding of the concepts she teaches, and about their future success after taking the course. The theory was detailed and comprehensive and the practicum

was thorough. I I took a different microblading training prior to this one, and MamaBrows course was far more hands on and informative. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interesting in pursuing microblading"

Ioana - Class Student

"You were truly an amazing instructor to begin with. I am glad I picked you to teach me how to tattoo and microblade. Not only were you very throrough with everything you taught me but showed me your tips and tricks as well. You truly are the mamabear of brows"

Aliz - Class Student

"She didn't hold any of the "secret sauce" ingredients, I was so exited to learn from her and it was definitely worth it!"

Julia - Class Student

"The MamaBrows course was what I was looking for! I wanted to learn this method and made sure to research several places and trainers and ended up choosing Aracy - MamaBrows, and I am so glad I did.

I felt comfortable learning during the class and all my concerns where addressed, Aracy is very knowledgeable, friendly and very inspiring. I am very glad I took this class and cannot wait to grow my brow business"

Danielle - Class Student

"In microblading being totally new to this industry, I was not sure what to expect. Let me tell you, Aracy from MamaBrows, blew my expectations out of the water. If you consider to take any class with her you better be ready to take A LOT of notes.

She shells out a lot of information about social media and clients too, not just eyebrows. You can tell she actually cares about her students and wants you to learn things right.

A lot of information to process but I am glad it is this way"

Andrea - Class Student

Ready to grow your business?

See our bookings page for upcoming classes

See our bookings page for upcoming classes

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