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This is a beginner friendly training. No prior qualifications are required.

Only 5 Students will be admitted per class date at this location.

The programme
Day 1 Students will complete this training at home online before in person class

Day 2 Date listed 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - In person training

Students will be given access to the 1 day online training upon signing up to this class, which must be completed before in person class attendance. Students will be required to email or bring to class a copy of the online training certificate to prove completion of the 1 day online program.

Location and Venue

This course is hosted by North Beauty Queen Wellness at 703A The Queensway, Toronto, ON

To obtain a certificate students will learn and master the following skills:

Drawing line work and fill areas with colour packing on a skin simulation (latex or a linoleum),

Identifying inner vs outer vermillion border boundaries,

Identifying undertones in client and pigments for best colour choice and colour corrections

Shaping and performing a lip blush procedure effectively and upholding sanitary standards required on a live model.


Day 1 - Online Program

Students will complete this online program at their own pace before coming into the in person class date, once completed a certificate of completion will be issued by the online platform, this certificate will be requested at the time of check in for the in person class.

Conditions of the work, the way in which we protect ourselves together with our material,

The manner of determination the skin incision depth as well as the pigment application,

Creating and correcting a symmetrical and harmonious lip shape, different types of shaping materials

Types of machines cartridges used in lip blush

Techniques used for lip blush: line work, shading and colour packing

Inks and supplies used

Technique practice

Proper skin depth for semi permanent makeup

Various considerations and safety measurements as well as sanitary standards,

Colour durability and maintenance,

Preventing blowouts

Day 2 (In person training) – demonstration of the technique using live models:

  • Review of class theory
  • Work with PMU Machines on latex
  • Station set up and sanitary standards
  • Consent and practice on live models



Students receive a certificate of completion upon successfully performing a lip blush procedure on live models with trainers supervision and help.

This certificate is insurable in Canada and USA

Price and Tuition

Financing is available at

The total price of course is $1,699 for the two day hybrid program.

Spaces are limited. Deposit of $300 is taken for the advance registration to secure your space, students will be granted access one week before class to the online training. The remaining class balance is due a week before the course starts.

If you wish to finance your course through MediCard please see: FINANCING FOR MY COURSE

The Lip Blush Kit included in the course price

1 Wireless PMU Machine

10 Cartridges

3 World Famous Pigments

Shaping supplies

2 x skin simulations

All working supplies and PPE are provided for the class, students will not be required to bring anything to the class


Registration is in advance to secure your seat.

Deposit of $300 is taken for the advance registration to secure your space. Remaining tuition cost is due a week before the course starts. Payment methods available are:

Credit Card (a link will be sent to you upon request)
Paypal to

Etransfer to

Notice that the deposit is not refundable in the case if you want to cancel your participation.

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