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In comes the Ombre Brow to save the day,

also known as Powder Brow: “Ombre Brows” was created in attempts to bridge the gap between the professional makeup filled in eyebrow look (Instagram Brow) and Semi Permanent Makeup.

When done right, this look is achieved by using a shading machine and following a very precise procedure. In this case, the “shading” is done in a sequence of very specific delicate steps to achieve an eyebrow look that fades as it approaches the centre, hence giving the “Ombre” effect.


Ombre Brows vs Microblading,

the biggest issue seen nowadays with Semi Permanent Makeup brows is the amount of poorly trained technicians (not their fault) who are damaging the eyebrow skin tissue and creating lifelong scaring.

Add that to the fact that Microblading relies entirely on the artist manual precision to reach a specific skin layer + sub par training = disaster. Now, Microblading can be incredible if done right, but the results are not as predictable, it is not good for oily or combination skin due to premature excretion of pigment, and many clients just fill them in with makeup anyways!

Compared to Microblading, Ombre Brows are done with a machine that repeats the exact same strike every time (think baby tattoo machine). Finishing to a very subtle and natural looking shaded eyebrow, with a very soft effect and sharp edges. Ombre Brows also causes less damage to the skin, creates less scar tissue and long term fading is more subtle. Win win scenarios.

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