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MamaBrows 5 techniques training
Programme includes Microblading, Blade and Shade Combination, Microshading, Ombre and Soft Powder.

This is a beginner friendly training. No prior qualifications are required. Bloodborne pathogens certification is recommended but not mandatory.

The programme

Students will be given access to the 1 day online

microshading training upon signing up to this class, which must be completed before in person class attendance. Students will be required to email or bring to class a copy of the online training certificate to prove completion of the 1 day online program.

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

You can not leave the course earlier. You may have to stay longer on the live model day if your model work takes longer.

Location and Venue

This course is hosted by Bijou Beaute Boutique at 2230 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Training and Certification

To obtain a certificate it is necessary to master the following skills:

  • Executing a microblading pattern, combination pattern and ombre brows on latex
  • Drawing line work and fill areas with shading using a PMU Machine on a skin simulation (latex or a linoleum),
  • Identifying eligibility of service depending on client wishes and skin type,
  • Identifying undertones in client and pigments for best colour choice and colour corrections
  • Shaping and performing 3 brow procedure effectively and upholding sanitary standards required on a live model.

Course Curriculum
At the course every student will have the possibility to learn the following theory and practice for each of the 5 techniques:

  • Theory and history
  • Shaping
  • Perfecting tips
  • Colour theory and correction (for blue, grey or red cover ups)
  • Cover ups
  • Sanitation
  • Consent forms and liability
  • Consultations
  • Eligibility
  • Aftercare
  • Practice on latex and live model
  • Client assessment
  • Procedure choice dependant on skin type
  • Work on 3 Live Models (1 microblading, 1 combination, 1 ombre/soft powder)
  • Learn photography recommendations and guidelines for the best before and after pictures for social media!

Live Models are required to be brought by students on the second (microblading), fourth (combination blade and shade or microshading) and fifth (ombre) day at 1:30 pm. Must not have prior work, be pregnant or breastfeeding. Model must be over the age of 18. Students will provide touch ups for their own models. If you are unable to provide your own models please notify us after signing up at and we can assist you.


Students receive 5 insurable certificates of completion upon successfully performing practice procedures on latex or linoleum and 3 brow procedures on a live model with trainers supervision and help.

This certificate is insurable in Canada and USA

Price and Tuition

Financing is available at

The total price of course is $3,999. Spaces are limited. Deposit of $300 is taken for the advance registration to secure your space.

Course enrolment includes FREE access to MamaBrows Online Microshading and Ombre Airbrush Courses ($998 reg) for 1 year. See below for details on registration. The remaining balance is due a week before the course starts.

The PMU Brow Kit is included in the course price:

  • 1 Class Manual - Including vendors lists, consent forms, social media and marketing recommendations and theory
  • 1 Wireless PMU Machine
  • 20 Cartridges
  • 20 Disposable Microblading Tools
  • 1 Pigment Starter Kit
  • Shaping supplies for all techniques
  • 4 x skin simulations
  • 20 x Aftercare A&D Ointment
  • Pigment Rings
  • 3 x mannequin head for practice
  • Amazon Shopping List
  • Vendors List
  • Hyve Beauty Discounts

All working supplies and PPE are provided for the class, students will not be required to bring any class supplies.


Registration is in advance to secure your seat.

Deposit of $300 is taken for the advance registration to secure your space. Remaining tuition cost is due a week before the course starts. Payment methods available are shown at checkout through the website or available options are:

Credit Card (a link will be sent to you upon request)
Paypal to

Etransfer to

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