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I was raised in Venezuela, a country known not only for its beautiful women, but also for its outlandishly high beauty standards.


I grew with a particular interest in the beauty industry and over the years dipped pens in anything from nail design to hair extensions, until my love landed on semi permanent makeup, which led me to take trainings all over the world specializing in Lip Blush, Brows and Eyeliner. 

PMU is my Passion

A fairly recent trend in Canada, and I found we were lacking quality work here. I decided to take on the challenge of bringing the best semi permanent makeup to Canada on a mission to better the industry and share my knowledge with other artists. 


 Studying techniques in Europe, U.S.A. and Canada I grew a very successful business from scratch, which led to becoming a Master Artist and eventually a trainer, sharing not only the techniques I have learnt deeply over this journey, but also all the tricks and secrets of the industry that took me years to learn.


I discovered my passion is not only in the beauty industry but the ability to provide empowerment to women striving to make their dreams a reality. 


I wanted a platform in which I was able to teach, invest, encourage and help develop women across the world in setting up their own businesses and becoming financially free the same way I did it. 

I had a vision to one day own my own business and be my own boss, make my own schedule and be completely independent. And here we are.


 I invite you to join me.

- Aracy  "MamaBrows"

Microblading Lip Blush Nano Brows Ombre Brows Class Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Calgary
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